Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities


Mobile APP Sold Out
The Forum attendants will have access during the event to a complete App, which will enable delegates to check general information, program, to receive push notifications and so on. The sponsor’s logo acknowledging the sponsorship will appear in the mobile app.
Exclusive sponsorship.
* This sponsorship does not exclude other sponsors logos in the app in the sponsorship menu.

E-poster Area
All the Forum posters will be available for all the attendants in some E-Posters panels. The sponsor’s logo acknowledging the sponsorship will appear in the screen of each Electronic Poster Panel.
Exclusive sponsorship.

Networking Breaks

Lunch Industry Symposium Plenary Sold Out
Opportunity to hold an industrial non-CME approved symposium (60-90 minutes in duration) during the lunch break. This may be with no parallel scientific or industry sessions, or in parallel.
The topic will be subject to approval by the chairpersons of the Forum.
– Forum hall and basic audiovisual equipment
– 6 sqm (3x2m) exhibition space (additional space available)
– Three exhibitor registrations
– Brochure to be given to the participants’ bags
The expenses (travel, accommodation and registration) of the chairpersons and speakers of the plenary industrial Forum are additional and the responsibility of the supporter.

Faculty Dinner
Opportunity to support the official dinner for all invited speakers of the Forum
Company logo on the official invitation to the faculty dinner
Exclusive Sponsorship

Coffee Break Sold Out
Opportunity to support a coffee break for all participants of the Forum
Non exclusive sponsorship


Participants Bags
Includes an ECO cloth bag that will be given to all the attendants, the Forum logo will appear in a big and central location, as well as the Sponsor’s logo which will be located in a side of the bag.
Exclusive sponsorship.

Participants Lanyards
Includes the logo of the company printed on the lanyard, as well as the the Forum’s logo.
Lanyard will be given to all the attendants with the badge.
Exclusive sponsorship.

Web advertisement insert
Banners for advertisements will be available on the website
Non exclusive sponsorship

Brochure insert
Company brochure to be given to all the attendants
Non exclusive sponsorship


Dates and exhibition schedule:
The schedule of commercial exhibition will be the coincident with the schedule of the conference sessions.

Exhibition area Terms and Conditions
– Booths and structures may be “self built structures” / Telescopic Frames.
– The organization offers only and exclusively the space where each of the exhibitors must place their own booth.
– The maximum height of the foyer is 2,90 m and 2,50 m at room Win.
– It is not allowed to use carpet, neither platforms.
– Electricity consumption expenses will be covered by the Course organization as long as isnot more than 600W.
– The exhibitor must limit to the portion of space that corresponds to his sponsorship,according to the location chosen and confirmed by the organization.
– It is not allowed to use any kind of adhesive tape in the auditorium facilities to put upposters, fix carpets or any other thing to floor and walls.
– The organization will not be responsible for the material deposited in each of the Stands.
– Slot allocation will be based on approval from the Organizing Committee
– The Forum Organizer reserves the right to amend the published floor plan should it be deemed necessary for the benefit of the exhibition and the Forum as a whole.

Set-up and Dismantle:
Set-up on October 19th from 3pm to 7pm. Dismantle on October 22nd from the end of the sessions until 6pm. Exhibitors undertook to leave the exhibition space as it was delivered to them, taking responsibility for any damage or possible damage or deterioration caused to the installations.

For more information please contact:
Technical Secretariat
+34 93 367 24 10